Meet us at ACAMS Florida

ACAMS 23rd Annual AML & Financial Crime Conference

The ACAMS  Hollywood, FL Conference is the most trusted meeting place for the AML/CTF/financial crime community and features the largest gathering of ACAMS members, CAMS-certified professionals and government officials.

With the unprecedented challenges that the AML and Financial Crime industry is facing, it has never been more important for professionals to be up-to-date with emerging trends, regulatory developments and evolving technologies. That is why the ACAMS 23rd Annual International AML & Financial Crime Conference is an invaluable event for you and your team. This event has consistently attracted leading AML experts who provide guidance, motivation and thought-leadership to a diverse audience.

We are proud to sponsor the ACAMS Hollywood conference.and look forward to meeting you to talk about how to implement AI in your AML process in an explainable way that make the decision process transparent to the AML teams and the regulator. 

Sign up hereunder to meet our team while at the event and to see a demo of Quantiply Sensemaker cutting drastically the amount of False Positives in your specific environment .


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