What is Sensemaker?

Simply put, the most advanced AI platform for KYC, AML and Risk Compliance.

Fighting Financial Crimes with AI

Unlike traditional rules based systems, Sensemaker learns and adapts based on individual transactions and behaviors between specific entities and their subsequent relationships, lowering false positives by 50%.


Rapid onboarding of data allows financial institutions and businesses to quickly analyze and capture critical information before any damage is done. Quantiply’s Cognitive Intelligence Machine enables financial institutions to quickly sift through all transactions and sense suspicious activity in real time.


Know Your Customer in extensive detail through Quantiply’s patented Enterprise Genome® and predict key measures, performance indicators, risk indicators, and outcomes. Reduce the burden on analysts and executives by providing them with accurate insights into their data, reducing false positives and negatives, and minimizing time spent.

Predict and Act

Through Sensemaker, a self-service cognitive application, financial institutions can quickly share their findings, analyze their data streams, train the Enterprise Genome through feedback to constantly increase accuracy over time, generate digital narratives, file Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) and compliance reports, and much more. Combat money laundering, fraud, and compliance risks by incorporating Quantiply’s machine learning and AI solutions.

Sensemaker® for anti-money laundering surveillance and client risk intelligence

Sensemaker® is a suite of applications for Enterprise Performance and Risk Intelligence that transforms traditional, business rules driven labor intensive AML Compliance and KYC intelligence into Artificial Intelligence powered playbooks that provide an integrated cross-functional collaborative approach to sensing, predicting, and optimizing AML/KYC/KYCC decisions, measures, outcomes, and impacts across the enterprise.

Predicts Engine

Highly scalable, machine learning engine for AML transaction intelligence to identify suspicious activities

Automated Investigation

Highly scalable, machine learning engine for AML transaction intelligence to identify suspicious activities

Augmented Intelligence

Comprehensive and real-time screening of payments (e.g. SWIFT), bank account details, Bank Identifier Codes (BIC), addresses and free text narratives for AML risk indicators with intelligent, adjustable ‘fuzzy matching’ and relevance ranking

Narrative Assistant

Communicate threat intelligence across the organization via interactive visualization with a high-level summary for an executive audience with details to address deeper questions.

Natural Language Understanding

Miss nothing with intelligent, adjustable ‘fuzzy matching’ that automatically identifies non-exact matches like known aliases, alternative spellings, transliteration between languages, variations of name structures.

Activity Learning

Realtime learning and prediction of AML risk exposure and proactively reduce false positives

Sensemaker AI for AML Reference Architecture

Human Intelligence Amplified by Machine Intelligence: In order to train the system to achieve something similar to Human Intelligence in real time, Sensemaker® learns from Human Interactions which behaviors are malicious or fraudulent and which are benign. The Sensemaker then automatically improve future predictions based on this feedback.

Quantiply Pulse®

Pulse is responsible to onboard data from various sources to Quantiply system. Data sources include transaction records from bank sources and third party signals (eg. signals from a web profile crawler). It is also responsible to validate the incoming data against data ingestion schema, apply required derivations and aggregations to populate required databases.

The Enterprise Genome®

Quantiply turns all the entities, intents, actions, and interactions into an unique model that describes an organizational behavioral model. Its Knowledge graph gets smarter and grows with you. It never forgets. It's persistent and pervasive. Sensemaker teaches itself to draw conclusions based on what you’re looking for in your data. That means, like a great employee, Sensemaker becomes even more intelligent and valuable over time.

Qiera™ The Cognitive Intelligent Assistant

Qiera is a cognitive intelligence application embedded with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence. Utilizing Quantiply’s patent pending Enterprise Digital Genome® technology, a networked map of events, entities, activities, relationships, associations, desired paths, and hidden patterns of cause and concern, Qiera rapidly discovers unique models that enable actionable insights into operation and security threats. With native integration into SAP HANA and Hana Vora, billions of events can be analyzed rapidly to detect unknown and insider threats and gain a new level of visibility into the network.

Fighting Financial Crime with Artificial Intelligence

Mitigate risk against damage to reputation, client trust, market share, and reduce false positives by more than 50%