Quantiply is a cognitive intelligence company founded in 2014. Quantiply’s mission is to empower enterprises to re-imagine their businesses to drive meaningful impact globally by seamlessly connecting people and technology in real-time. Our goal is to create technology and application breakthroughs that solve hard problems by combining human and machine intelligence.

Our Vision

At Quantiply, we believe that human and machine intelligence symbiosis will drive more value out of data than ever before. Whether it is by managing risks and compliance, creating innovative products or discoveries, identifying and serving customers, sensing and responding to new threats and opportunities, uncovering risks, identifying business process bottlenecks, or helping to deliver better interactions and engagement, organizations are working to solve some extremely difficult problems. By augmenting human intelligence with digital systems built with machine learning capabilities, Quantiply believes people and organizations will boost their capacity to process information in time and space by synthesizing what’s most important to them and, ultimately, predicting consequences of their actions.

What We Do

Quantiply focuses on creating simple to use AI-powered, intelligent applications that enable business users to ask and get answers to complex questions in real-time through natural language interfaces.

Quantiply’s Sensemaker® is a suite of cognitive applications that enables banks to significantly reduce the vast number of false positives created by their AML platforms.

By creating breakthroughs that solve complex, difficult to solve problems and by combining human and machine intelligence without requiring anyone to master machine learning, statistical modeling, or mathematics, Sensemaker®enables extending, within days, current AML and KYC deployed solutions with the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

SenseMaker is deployed on premise and in the AMS, Azure and Google public clouds and licensed on an annual subscription basis.

Leadership Team

Quantiply's executive team includes some of the most sought after talent in the industry with experience from some of the world's fastest-growing and largest technology and financial services companies—including Oracle, Yahoo, Parc, Guggenheim Partners, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo.

Surendra Reddy


John Tripier

VP, Business Development

Vamsi Koduru

VP, Products

David Chaney

Customer Success Officer

Scott LeComte

VP, Sales

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