About Quantiply

Unlike other AI AML solutions, Sensemaker® provides transparent and explainable results and is regulator friendly.

Fighting financial crime since 2014

Quantiply fights financial crime by delivering a suite of fully automated artificial intelligence (AI) powered risk and compliance softwares that address Know Your Customer (KYC), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

With Quantiply, financial institutions are able identify suspicious actors, interactions, and activities to address financial crime more successfully than ever before, so they are not only more efficient, but can mitigate risk against damage to reputation, client trust, and market share.

Quantiply Provides the only Explainable, Auditable & Repeatable AI-based Software Solution to Fight Financial Crime

Delivers Fast Time to Value

Rapidly augments legacy AML systems and teams.

Auditable and Explainable AI

Unlike other AML solutions, Sensemarker® provided transparent and explainable results.


Quantiply gives financial institutions accuracy in detection by lowing false poistives by more than 50%

Turn Regulations Into Cognitive Intelligent Applications

Pulse is responsible to onboard data from various sources to Quantiply system. Data sources include transaction records from bank sources and third party signals (eg. signals from a web profile crawler). It is also responsible to validate the incoming data against data ingestion schema, apply required derivations and aggregations to populate required databases.

  • Quantiply automatically detects, analyzes, and reports suspicious activities

  • Founded in 2014 and based in San Jose, CA

  • Reduces false positives by more than 50%

  • Explainable AI based AML/KYC software for Banks and Regulators

  • Compliance and Regulator Industry Focused - RegTech

  • Key Partners include SAP

Quantiply Benefits

Reduces False Positives by


Reduces Exposure of Unknown Risks by

Two Thirds

Increase AML Productivity by a factor of


Reduces case analysis time from 3 hours to

5 min

Reduces Regulatory Exposure


and risk concerns

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Sensemaker AI for Anti Money Laundering

Mitigate risk against damage to reputation, client trust, market share, and reduce false positives by more than 50%