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Unlike other AML solutions, Sensemaker® provides transparent and explainable results and is regulator friendly.

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Leading financial institutions trust Quantiply

“Quantiply has totally changed the way we are dealing with our compliance business processes and applications. Quantiply helped us proactively identify and pinpoint the root cause of the issue. Together we created the notion of 3-clicks, 3-minutes to problem prediction and resolution.” VP Operations, Large U.S. Bank

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Sensemaker AI for Anti Money Laundering

Unlike traditional rules based systems, Sensemaker learns and adapts based on individual transactions and behaviors between specific entities and their subsequent relationships, lowering false positives by 50%.


Rapid onboarding of data allows financial institutions and businesses to quickly analyze and capture critical information before any damage is done. Quantiply’s Cognitive Intelligence Machine enables financial institutions to quickly sift through all transactions and sense suspicious activity in real time.



Know Your Customer in extensive detail through Quantiply’s patented Enterprise Genome® and predict key measures, performance indicators, risk indicators, and outcomes. Reduce the burden on analysts and executives by providing them with accurate insights into their data, reducing false positives and negatives, and minimizing time spent.


Predict and Act

Through Sensemaker, a self-service cognitive application, financial institutions can quickly share their findings, analyze their data streams, train the Enterprise Genome through feedback to constantly increase accuracy over time, generate digital narratives, file Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) and compliance reports, and much more. Combat money laundering, fraud, and compliance risks by incorporating Quantiply’s machine learning and AI solutions.


Case Study: A Tier 2 U.S. Bank Deploys Quantiply

A labor-intensive compliance model had grown costly, outdated and unable to scale withbank growth and regulator mandates leading to a decision to modernize bank systems inorder to enable real time compliance.

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Fighting Financial Crime with AI

Mitigate risk against damage to reputation, client trust, market share, and reduce false positives by more than 50%